Targeted Screening for Active Tuberculosis –
The Multi-Biomarker Test

The Multi Biomarker Test (MBT) currently developed in ScreenTB will enable lab-independent point-of-care testing for tuberculosis. The patient’s fingerprick blood is inserted into an assay buffer, before applying it to a test strip with 6 test and 6 control lines. The strip is then inserted into a plastic cassette where it is tested for 6 different biomarkers. After 30 minutes, a reader can read out the cassette revealing the patient’s test result.

A prospective pilot study with fresh finger-prick blood already indicated that the assay is well suitable for point-of-care testing. In a small cohort of 29 individuals (12 TB and 17 ORD) using in-sample validation, the 6-marker biosignature test reached a sensitivity/specificity of 100%/71%. The ScreenTB researchers foresee a refinement of the signature for global application and large prospective studies.

Test Process from the Outside Test Process from the Inside

The Test Process from the Outside

FingerprickSample in assay bufferSample FlowReader assisted analysis of the TB test stripTest linesThe strip is testing for6 different markers30 min for Lateral Flow (LF)No TBAdditional TB diagnostic required

The Test Process from the Inside

Scan directionUCP label, not visible by eyeUCP reporter particles emit 550 nm green light (detected by scanner)T1/FCT2/FCT3/FCT4/FCT5/FCT6/FCSample Flowzoomed viewTSample padConjugate release pad containing Detector Antibody with Up-converting phosphor (UCP) labelNitrocellulose LF membrane with Test lines (T) including Flow Control (FC) linesAbsorbent waste pad (will collect all the unbound material)FCAdd sample and Flow980 nm Infrared light (excitation)Absorbent waste padTest Line 3UCP labelDetector AntibodyTarget AntigenCapture AntibodyConjugate release pad
Test Process from the Outside