ScreenTB publishes an article in the Journal of Infection

Alongside with the AE-TBC consortium and other colleagues, several ScreenTB partners published an article in the Journal of Infection on June 14th: “Evaluation of cytokine responses against novel Mtb antigens as diagnostic markers for TB disease”.

In this paper the authors evaluate the accuracy of a biosignature in tuberculosis antigen stimulated blood cultures in determining TB in patients. Therefore 322 patients from six African sites were recruited and tested. It turns out that the accuracy of the best six analyte model was 77% for TB cases and 84% for non TB cases, with a better performance in HIV uninfected patients. The authors conclude that these stimulated markers have moderate potential as a diagnostic tool for pulmonary TB and that stimulated marker expression had no added value to unstimulated marker performance.

For more information, please find the article here.