9 Partner
5 African + 4 European
40 Months
2.99 Mio €
EDCTP funding


Evaluation of host biomarker-based point-of-care tests for targeted screening for active TB

ScreenTB is a project funded by the second European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP2). Our goal is to develop a point-of-care, hand-held, rapid screening test for tuberculosis (TB) that can be conducted on finger-prick blood in a laboratory-free manner. Our team consists of experts from Africa and Europe and most of them have already successfully worked together in the African European Tuberculosis Consortium (AE-TBC), a project that has been funded in the first programme of the EDCTP and run from July 2010 until June 2013.

ScreenTB will have a duration of three years as well and has started in April 2016. Our proposed project builds on extensive experience gained during EDCTP I, is based on strong host biomarker data and advanced UCP-LFA test implementation expertise, and addresses the important topic of a point of care screening test for active TB with the aim to significantly speed up and streamline diagnostic approaches in resource-limited settings.

ScreenTB in 60 Seconds

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  • A point-of-care, hand-held, rapid screening test for TB conducted on finger-prick blood in a laboratoryfree manner
  • To make screening for active TB easier and safer in resource-limited settings
  • To provide capacity building opportunities during the project for the African partners
  • Implementation of the device
  • Study with 800 participants with suspected active TB across 5 African countries
  • Comparison of the results against standard composite diagnostic criteria
  • Establishing mentorship and personal development plan for young African scientists